The Big Question: Should I Go to College?

Aside from buying a house, should I go to college is the biggest purchase question you’ll have in your life. And don’t be fooled, it is a major purchase decision. Universities today function more like giant corporations, handling billions of dollars of revenue annually. They rely on a fresh influx of aspiring freshmen to keep the game going. Depending on where you go to university, tuition alone can cost tens of thousands of dollars.

Most people will have to finance this amount in the form of student loans. Others will be able to defray the cost with grants and scholarships. No matter how it’s paid for, should I go to college is still a major decision to make, and not the easy answer it once was 20 or 30 years ago.

In today’s economy it’s becoming an even bigger and bigger decision. Everyone knows the stories of people like Bill Gates, Michael Dell, and Mark Zuckerberg, who said no to should I go to college and made fortunes for themselves. Obviously these are very unique individuals, and there’s no guarantee that you will have the same great results. But what also isn’t guaranteed is a safe and comfortable job once you have your college degree. Herein lies the great debate: is there a need in the world today to have a college education? Should I go to college?

Should I Go to College? Isn’t it a No-Brainer?

No one can argue that for the last 80 years or so if you had the chance to go to college it was a no brainer. And most people are familiar with the common statistic that college graduates earn on average over $1,000,000 more in a lifetime than those without a degree.

But that statistic doesn’t really mean anything, as it’s up to the individual to make someone of themself, and taking an average like that has no bearing on you and your own personal goals and desires. It’s quite possible for someone who opts out of should I go to college to make a million dollars more than someone with a degree. In fact, it happens all the time.

should i go to college

What it the question of should I go to college comes down to is your own personal goals and ambitions. If your major motivation to go to university is so that you can get a good job when you graduate, and you don’t really care what that job is, you should look into alternative ways of reaching that goal. There are countless ways to make money and provide for yourself, and if you don’t have a strong leaning towards a specific career, you can learn to make your own money and save yourself a ton of time and debt by avoiding college.

Should I Go to College: Is University Right for You?

If you have a dream to become a scientist, a lawyer, a doctor, or a writer, and this dream is entirely separated from the goal of making money, then should I go to college is a definite must-go. But if that were the case you probably wouldn’t be searching for should I go to college. Most people that want to be a doctor or a lawyer only want to do it to make a lot of money.

You have to measure the time and the cost of getting the education and putting your time in as an intern or a junior attorney before you’ll ever be making the big bucks you’re dreaming of. Ten years and over $100,000 is a huge investment, and while the payoff may be great, it’s not guaranteed that you’ll receive it. That’s why should I go to college is a tricky question.

There are some people that a college education is perfect for. Here are some scenarios: I have a knack for science and math and really love to do it, should I go to college? Yes you should. I have a dream of finding the cure for cancer or making the world a better place by finding the next renewable energy source. Should I go to college? Yes you should. I want to study astronomy, or physics, or engineering, or philosophy, and want to write papers on these topics and have them published in journals that other scientists will read and argue about, should I go to college? Yes you should.

Get All The Facts Before Deciding

We have several more articles available for you to help you make your decision. Read through all of them to help make up your own mind on what you should do. You can also contact us with your specific situation, goals, and dreams, and we will give you our personal recommendation on how you should proceed. If you’re still wondering should I go to college after that, we’re stumped!

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