Can I Go to College?

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Many students these days wonder “Can I go to college?”. There are only a few determining factors that go into this answer. If you have the smarts, and the ambition you can definitely go to college. Many people just assume they aren’t smart enough, or they can’t afford it so they put it off or write it off. In most cases, those that really want to go can overcome a lack of ability and a lack of money. So the answer to can I go to college is yes, if you make the decision to go.

Can I Go to College? – The Smarts

While it is true that you need to have some noodles floating around in that head of yours, many people overestimate just how smart you need to be to go to college. When they ask themselves can I go to college, they say no, I”m not smart enough. Maybe it’s because they struggled with high school, or they had an older sibling that had a rough time at university. But if you lack the brains to go to college, you can make it up with extra studying and tutors can tip the scales to yes for can I go to college. You can train your brain to be able to handle the demands of learning and get the education you seek. Many smart people let their minds go to waste and don’t try very hard. You can balance the scale by putting forth the extra effort you need to succeed.

Can I Go to College – The Money

Money is the next big stopper for most people wondering can I go to college. It’s rather silly because anyone that really wants to go to school can go, it’s just a matter of how much you want to pay out of pocket. Each school has a financial aid office, which will help you get student loans to cover the cost of most of your tuition, fees, and room and board. What they’re not so great as is finding you free money in the form of grants and scholarships. You’ll have to do that part on your own. Locate and apply for scholarships and grants so that you won’t have to pay the money back once you graduate. It’s a much better idea than getting student loans, and just requires diligence on your part.

Can I Go to College – The Drive

If you don’t have the drive to go to college then the answer to can I go to college might be no. You have to provide the spark and most of the answer will ride on your shoulders. If you have the push that you need to get you through the application process, the financial aid process, and the actual studying once you get in, then of course college is a possibility. Even asking can I go to college is indicative of someone that doesn’t have the tenacity to make it in and through college. You don’t want to wonder so much if you can get it, you want to be sure you can make it out as well. Take a good hard look at yourself and determine if you think you’ll be successful at college once you get in.
can I go to college
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