Do I Need to Go to College?

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Many students these days are asking themselves “Do I need to go to college?”. It’s a question that’s getting more and more valid as companies downsize and more and more people wonder if there’s a different way to get ahead in life. If you’re facing a situation where you can’t determine if going to university is something that you need to do, it makes sense to weigh the pros and cons. You have an opportunity right now to make a decision that will play a big part in your life. The do I need to go to college question is one that deserves your attention.

Do I Need to Go to College? – It depends.

Need is a funny word. Of course you don’t need to go to college. Your life will go on regardless of whether you go or not. So in reality when you as do I need to go to college you are asking can I make things work in my life and be successful without going to college. The answer then is no, you don’t need to go to college but it will probably make your life better and easier in the long run.

The truth is that do I need to go to college completely depends on the individual. If you’ve got the will and the drive to make money and be successful, you’ll find a way to do it with or without college. The same will and determination is the thing that will get you through university and land you a successful job afterward. College is no magic bullet that will guarantee you a posh life after graduation. In fact for most people college only complicates their life and leads them to a limited existence with bad credit and meager job skills. There are thousands of people out there with some college education who didn’t make it through, and thousands more graduates that are currently unable to find work. For them the do I need to go to college answer was no.

For a whole other type of person the answer to do I need to go to college is a resounding yes. If you want to do research or become a professor, or study philosophy, or just have the college experience then you’ll definitely need to go to college.

do i need to go to college

If you are wondering do I need to go to college because you don’t know if what you want to do requires it or not, this is easy enough to figure out. Careers like being a lawyer or a doctor of course you need to go to college. You’ll want to check for the specific career that you’re interested in to see if a college education is needed. To be a business owner and entrepreneur, you don’t need to go to college. A degree can help but it’s not a necessity or prerequisite. In fact, many people who probably couldn’t graduate from college have successfully started their own business and survived without ever applying.

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This page functions best as a social community of students wondering what’s best for their future. If you’ve already made your mind up on do the do I need to go to college question, please share your decision with the rest of us so we can get a better idea of what people are choosing to do. Also, if you have any questions about do I need to go to college for your particular situation, either one of our staff or another visitor will answer it the same day. You can also feel free to sound off on the education industry itself, and say whether you feel a college education is still necessary in today’s world, or is a relic from the Industrial Age. This will help provide a well-balanced discussion on do I need to go to college debate.

Do I Need to Go to College

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