Finding Colleges – A Beginner’s Guide

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These days finding colleges is easier than it used to be. So much more information is available than there once was and it’s right at your fingertips. Within minutes you can be at a university’s website and getting a pretty good idea of what they’re all about. You can even apply to most colleges right from online. The trick is finding colleges that are a good match for the things you want to accomplish with your studies. Since there are so many different options, it’s important to find a college that meets all of your requirements and lines up in your sweet spot.

Tips for Finding Colleges

The first step in finding colleges is to assess yourself and see where you’re at. Most people start with the school and work back to the student. For example, they’ll have an idea of which school they want to go to, and then contort their vision and dreams to fit that school’s strengths. You have to begin with yourself in mind and look for a school that suits you. This may lead you to a college you never envisioned yourself going to. Maybe it will be an out-of-state school or smaller than you were imagining. Maybe it will be closer to home and bigger than you pictured. When you open yourself up to new possibilities you give yourself the best chance at happiness.

Once you narrow down your interests and decide on a concentration, a simple internet search will yield the results you need. Simply put the phrase “best schools for” and then your major. This will pull up a list of pages dedicated to helping you locate which schools have strong programs for your area of interest. It’s then a matter of visiting each of these college’s websites and finding colleges from the list that appeal to you. You can now look at things like cost of tuition, location, reputation in the field, campus size, sports program, and more since you already know that they’re strong in the area you need.

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Thanks to the increased ease of finding colleges the door is now open for you to study wherever you want. In days past, the only way to find out about a school was through word of mouth or general knowledge. You likely would have had to gone to a local school or to the university that your parents or siblings went to because there was no way to find out about a school without having first or secondhand knowledge. A site like Wikipedia can give you an hopefully unbiased view of any college you are considering.

In the end it’s not about finding colleges that everyone has heard of, or that have a good football program (unless you’re a football player), or that your mom or dad went to, or that made the list of top 10 party schools. It’s about finding colleges that will make you happy and leave you with no regrets once you graduate. You want a school that will prepare you for your career and will give you a foundation for lifetime learning, regardless of where the school is, how popular it is, or how much it costs.

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