Going Back to College – A Guide

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Once you’ve said to yourself I’m going back to college, now comes the hard part.  You’ve got to juggle your life in addition to all of the demands that being a student entails.  During your undergrad career you probably just had to focus on studying and partying, and didn’t have much more cares than oversleeping, or forgetting about a quiz.  Things have likely changed in your life and now you will have to fit going back to college into your daily routine.  It doesn’t have to be hard, in fact, with enough preparation you can do it the right way and give yourself the best chance at success in your advanced studies when you’re going back to college.

Going Back to College: The Easy Way

The easiest way to go back to college is to get enough graduate school grants so that you don’t have to work while you are studying.  That way you can put everything else aside and focus on getting your Master’s degree or other graduate degree.  Trust us, it’s a lot less stressful, and in the end makes good financial sense too. There are so many different sources of free money that it’s silly for anyone going back to college to have to go into their pocket for it.

Many people will try to go to grad school part time while keeping their full time job or trying to raise a family.  This will either do one of two things in regards to going back to college.  First you will take twice as long to finish your degree as you would if you went full time.  Aside from that, you probably won’t do as well as you would be able to if school was all you were doing.  The other likelihood is that your work life will suffer because you are spreading yourself too thin.  You might even have family problems because  you don’t have the time or attention to devote to them that you once did.

going back to collegeGoing Back to College: Finishing Up

Maybe you’re going back to college because you didn’t finish your undergrad degree.  If this is the case, you may be beating yourself up for becoming a statistic of people who didn’t finish college.  You should stop that sort of thinking and pat yourself on the back for having the perseverance to stick it through and go back.  Many people who don’t finish college never go back, and that fact will haunt them all their days.  You are taking action and not giving up and finishing what you started by going back to college.  Bravo!

Now that the pep talk is done, you should realize that if you weren’t eligible for financial aid before, you might be now that you’re going back to college, so be sure to consider all of the grants, scholarships, and low-cost loans that you can secure to get your education.  One of the easiest things about going back is that you’re probably more independent now, and you’ve likely moved away from home.  This lowers your family contribution, which increases your financial need.  Having a high financial need puts you in a strong position of getting a Pell grant, which is free money from the government that you don’t have to pay back when you’re going back to college.

This page functions best as a social environment where you can voice your concerns, get answers to questions, and help those that are currently in a position that you were once in. If you’re going back to college you can add any questions below, and one of our staff or another visitor to this page will be able to answer it right away. If you’ve already gone back and have made it through as a non-traditional student you can perhaps provide some assistance to others, or just sound off on your experience.

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