Do You Need These Grades to Get Into College?

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Wondering what the grades to get into college are? It’s well-known that your GPA is one of the biggest deciding factors into getting into the university you want. Answering this question gets a bit tricky because there are many factors that go into determining what grades to get into college are good and which ones are not good enough.

Grades to Get Into College: Determining Factors

The first factor that goes into figuring out if you have the grades to get into college or not is the high school that you’re attending. A student from a prep school with a 4.0 looks better than a student from a lesser-known public high school with the same grades. So the high school you go to has a bearing on whether or not you have the grades to get into college.

College admissions boards will also be looking at the strength of the course load in the high school transcripts to see if you’ve got the grades to get into college. If you took a fluff classes during your high school career and avoided challenges, this will be held against you. If you took classes that pushed you, such as Advanced Placement or Honors courses, this will be looked at favorably. Getting a B in Honors English looks better than acing regular English class.

grades tp get into college

The last contributing factor to determining the grades to get into college is which college you’re applying at. The grades to get into college like Harvard or Yale are much different than those required to get into a smaller, lesser-known state school. If a school is marked as competitive or highly competitive, you will need to have a very high GPA and be involved in some activities that show your leadership and other credentials. A smaller school that isn’t as competitive will take mid-range GPAs with fewer activities and less involvement in high school.
grades to get into college
So should you just forget about going to university if you don’t have the grades to get into college? Heck no! More and more schools are looking at selecting students that bring more than just a GPA to the table. If you are involved in extra-curricular activities at your school, or you can write a phenomenal essay on your application you might make the case for your acceptance. But if you just didn’t try that hard in high school and you didn’t get active in anything, you should focus on going to community college for a year or two, get serious, get good grades, and then apply to university. They will see your marked improvement and they will know that you have a renewed focus. If you take credits that transfer over you will not lose much time at all with this method.

So don’t fret too much about the grades to get into college. Just focus on doing the best you can at whichever school you’re at, get involved in as many school activities that interest you, and let the chips fall where they may. Don’t use your grades as the only thing that’s limiting you from getting into the college of your dreams. There are several other items that college officials look at to make their determination on your admittance.

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Grades to Get Into College

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