How to Find a College

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You may be wondering how to find a college that suits you. There are many universities to choose from, each with their good and bad qualities. It can be hard to narrow down the list of choices to just a few that you’d really want to go to, and then even harder to decide between those on your short list. What’s more, even if you figure out how to find a college to attend, you still have to be admitted into it. This can make the process even more difficult and time consuming. It’s important to take a strategic approach to it, and not to wrap up your emotions in it too much.

How to Find a College: Getting Started

Some people know from a young age which college they want to go to, and stick with it even when it’s not the right match for their interests. By searching for advice on how to find a college, you’ve at least left your mind open to the many different possibilities, and you’ll end up making a better choice by following a systematic approach. Rather than sticking with some childhood notion of which college to go to, or which one has the best football Saturdays, you’ll find how to find a college that will give you the best educational bang for the buck.

It’s important to stay organized during the selection process. You should go to Google docs and start a new spreadsheet and keep it updated with the names of the different schools you’re considering during the how to find a college process. You can include your initial thoughts and comments on each, and as you research each university you can include your findings right on the sheet. That way you’ll have an at-a-glance resource you can use whenever you need it for the how to find a college process.

Once you’ve narrowed your search to just the schools that offer quality programs in the field you want to study, you’ll have to rank them according to the strength of their programs. Give each school a ranking from 1 to 10 or develop your own numbering system. Give the top school a 1 for having the top program, and the school with the weakest program a 10. It’s all part of how to find a college.

Next, give each school a ranking as far as cost goes. This relates to how to find a college you can afford. Give the school that costs the least a 1 and the school that costs the most a 10. Do the same thing for the schools based on the percentage of graduates that are able to find employment related to their degree. Also assign points to each school based on how convenient it is to attend. Local schools would get a 1, out of state schools would get higher numbers.

When you’ve given each school points for all of the above criteria, you should then total them all up. The school with the lowest score should be your top choice. We’ve just shown you how to find a college in a nutshell If you devised a different ranking system, that’s fine, and you should have a clear point leader at this point. You should adjust the numbers according to your own desires. If you plan on getting grants and scholarships, then you should give less weight to the cost. If you don’t mind studying out of state, then you should give less weight to convenience. You should always give strong weight to program strength and percentage of employed graduates, as these two factors alone will be helpful in how to find a college.

how to find a college

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