The Importance of Education

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Never underestimate the importance of education. Many people these days are saying that it’s not a good idea to go to college today because it’s not a good return on your investment it once was. But what about learning for the sake of bettering yourself? The reason that a civilized people reach for a higher education is to better society itself. If we start going to college just to get a high-paying job upon graduation, what about the scientists, philosophers, and thinkers in the world that wouldn’t go to university? The importance of education is something that can’t be overlooked.

The Importance of Education – Especially Now

With the economy in such a bind now more than ever the importance of eduction is apparent. We need great thinkers to get us out of this mess and keep things moving in the right direction. If you’ve ever seen the movie Idiocracy you will be convinced of the importance of education and get to see one vision of a world that decided not to expand their minds.

Or take for example inner-city youth whose only hope of success is the power of their minds and the schooling they receive that will help them out of their predicament. Good luck trying to convince them that the importance of education is over-hyped.

College may not guarantee you a high-paying job once you graduate but it will get you to think deeper thoughts than you otherwise would. Don’t disregard the importance of education. There is merit in those that study to discover a deeper self or improve their circumstances. It is only through education that the world stands a chance at improving.

The first part of your semester at college is spent taking university requirements that are required. These are general classes that provide a solid grounding on many different subjects. Only after you compete these courses are you able to start on your major and take the classes that will prepare you for the job market. The reason colleges do this are to make sure that graduates have a well-rounded education and can speak intelligently on many different subjects.
importance of education

It’s strange to be making a case on the importance of education. It seems like it should be something that is taken for granted. As a society each person should be given the chance to get as much education as possible and make the most out of their lives. However, many people willfully decide not to educate themselves and are happy to just live lives in front of televisions, at movie theaters, and at sporting events. While these activities can be quite enjoyable in moderation, they don’t expand your thinking and lead to a lazy mind.

The problem is that there’s a lot of money to be made in entertainment, and so there’s alway some form of it to be consumed by the masses. If you understand the importance of education then you have to wage a one person revolution inside your own mind and in your world and tune out all of the junk out there and focus on your own education and quality of life. No one else can do it for you, and your own education should be the highest priority for you. Only be upgrading yourself can you ever hope to educate other people.

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