Is it a good idea to go to graduate school right away?

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One of our more popular questions asked us is: Is it a good idea to go to graduate school right away? The thought is that maybe you should get some real world experience before applying to grad school, and maybe it doesn’t look right that you have gone straight through your undergrad work and right into graduate school without setting foot into a job or trying to make it on your own. Our belief is that it doesn’t matter what you do, as long as you believe in what you’re doing and can persuade someone to agree with you, go to graduate school right away and trust that it’s the best choice.

Is it a good idea to go to graduate school right away?

For example, let’s say that you do go to graduate school right away and you finish. You set foot into your first interview with your newly minted advanced degree and they question you about not having any work experience. If you are feeling diffident about your choice then you will fold under questioning and you will come off as sounding like someone that probably should have cut their teeth in the real world and was just hiding out from the job market. However, if you can confidently answer the question, and explain your reasoning and show the validity of your choice, then it will be a moot point and you’ll get the job.

Things have changed and they’re still changing in regards to how employers view higher education and advanced degrees. The traditional thought of needing some sort of work experience or some period of finding yourself after getting your bachelor’s degree doesn’t hold up anymore. If you have the passion, desire, and focus required for grad school then there’s no point in waiting just because you feel like you have to. The undergrad degree serves more like a prerequisite for many jobs with a master’s degree now carrying the weight that a bachelor’s degree once did.

Many times the opportunity to strike is when the iron is hot, you’re already in student mode, if you just buckle down and get it done you can have all of your schooling out of the way and be ready to get into a better job than you would have if you just got your undergrad degree. It can happen that you lose focus out in the real world and your dream of going to graduate school will fade as you get discouraged or have someone talk you out of it.

go to graduate school right away

There will always be those people that tell you to go get a job first and then get your master’s degree. The only possible benefit to going this route is if an employer is willing to fund your education. Then it makes sense, but you can always secure your own money for grad school in the form of scholarships and grants so this shouldn’t be the only reason that you go to graduate school right away. If you get an unbeatable job offer, then by all means go to grad school later and start making money now.

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This page functions best as a social community of students trying to figure out if now is the time to go to grad school. If you’ve had a good or a bad experience with going directly to graduate school after finishing your undergrad degree, please share it with the rest of us so we can get your point of view. If you have any questions about why to go to graduate school right away or when the best time is, one of our trained staff will help assist you. Just use the comments below. You can also feel free to sound off on going to grad school in this economy and say whether you feel it’s a good investment or not. This will help provide a well-balanced forum on getting free money for graduate school.

What do you think: Is it a good idea to go to graduate school right away?

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