My GPA Is Not Good Enough to Get Into College

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We get many high school students telling us “My GPA is not good enough to get into college.” It’s one of the biggest stumbling blocks that people get tripped up with when it comes to the college application process. But GPA is only one of the many different criteria that colleges use to decide whether they will admit a student. Since you don’t work for a college admissions board, it is not right for you to decide whether or not you have the grades to make it in. Don’t sell yourself short and don’t assume that you won’t be able to go to the school of your choice based on what you heard or read in a forum.

Answered: My GPA Is Not Good Enough to Get Into College

There’s only one way for you to determine whether or not your GPA is good enough to get into the college that you’d like to go to. That’s to apply to the college, fill out the application and write the essays to the best of your ability and wait and see. If you think you don’t have the right GPA for a school and you don’t even apply, then you’ll never know and you made up the school’s mind as well by not even applying. Perhaps you heard that a school has a minimum GPA requirement, or you saw a chart that showed that they mostly choose students with a particular grade point average.

You need to remember that rules are made to be bent if not broken, and most schools do not specifically use your GPA as the only criteria, and in many instances it’s not even the most important criteria. Schools want a well-rounded student body, not just a bunch of eggheads walking around the campus. Sell your other qualities to the school of your choice and give them a compelling reason to accept you. Many successful people don’t come alive until after high school, and once the chips are down and they are paying tuition, they put the effort in and knock if out of the park. Admissions boards know this and they take a chance on a percentage of students each semester.

my GPA is not good enough to get into college

Your goal is to be in that percentage of “interesting applicants”. Write an essay that really blows them away. Hopefully you were involved in extra-curricular activities while you were in high school, and if you weren’t get involved in things in your local community. There’s no better time to start than now when it comes to adding things to your life that can go on your admissions application.

You have to paint yourself as an active, fun, smart person that really wants to go to college, and will do a great job once you get in. If you create a mental block for yourself just because of your GPA then you are sunk before you even start. You haven’t given yourself the best chance of success and you’ve taken a defeatist mentality towards the situation. You lost before you even started. Make sure you don’t let this happen, put your best foot forward, apply to your favorite schools and see what develops.

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