Should I Become a Scientist or a Lawyer?

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Sometimes people approach us with the question should I become a scientist or a lawyer? We’re guessing these people were influenced by parents that steered them towards these two lofty professions. It’s akin to the doctor or lawyer debate, and it’s unlikely that any child would say that they’d want to be a doctor or a lawyer. Firefighter maybe, doctor maybe, but not a lawyer. So which should I become a scientist or a lawyer? The answer, as always, depends on you and your personal beliefs and desires. But let’s break it down and see if there’s a clear-cut winner.

Should i become a scientist or a lawyer? – The Facts

If you are money-motivated then you will want to become a lawyer. There is a high chance that you could make excellent money as an attorney, especially if you have an interest in the medical field. Many times attorney’s will also get their medical degree so that they can be better suited to handle malpractice claims. You could do both and you’d be fit to come up with new drugs and file the patents on them yourself.

Of course you could become a scientist and devote your life to finding cures for diseases. But more than likely you’ll just be helping pharmaceutical companies invent the next cure for male pattern baldness or the latest in birth control pills.

If you have the passion to become a scientist and you envision yourself devoted to your research and madly trying to come up with new medicines in order to help sick people, you should probably go that route. Many people do not get very passionate when they think about becoming a lawyer, and you never here the phrase “there’s too many scientists in the world.” or the sarcastic remark “Oh great, just what the world needs, another scientist.” It just doesn’t happen. It’s a well-documented fact that there is a surplus of lawyers, with thousands more pouring out of law schools every year.

scientist or a lawyer

Be sure to consider the larger picture too, and don’t base your decision on purely a monetary basis. Sure, everyone knows lawyers typically make good money, but are they making the world a better place? Most people have never said, “Lousy no good scientist!” or “Blood-sucking scientist!” The same can’t be said for lawyers. Be sure to do the best work you can for humanity.

It’s always good advice to follow your bliss, do what makes you happy. Maybe you don’t want to be a scientist or a lawyer when you really sit down and think about it. That’s OK too. Dreams shift and change as we go through life and what you wanted for years and years may not sit well with you any more. You aren’t defined by the job you have, but by the person you are. If being a scientist is going to bring joy to your life then by all means go for it. If being a lawyer will give you a thrill and a feeling of satisfaction, that’s the best choice for you.

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Should i become a scientist or a lawyer

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