Should I Go to Grad School?

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In this economy many college graduates are asking themselves should I go to grad school? It does seem like a viable option, an escape from a dreary job market and tales of doom and gloom about what’s to come. The train of thought is that you’d better get more education to make yourself more marketable in the coming years. Also, if you’re still paying off loans from your undergrad career, the thought of making no payments as a student again might sound like some welcome relief and should I go to grad school might be an escape.

But is it a good idea or not? Will it change things for you and bring forth the kind of life that you are imagining for yourself. Let’s study the pros and cons on either side of should I go to grad school and see which one sounds more realistic:

Should I Go to Grad School: The Pros

Getting a master’s degree will set you apart from the sea of people that have an undergrad degree. 20 or 30 year’s ago not that many people had a bachelor’s degree, so having one puts you above and beyond the pack. Should I go to grad school was something most people didn’t even consider. Now, even though you might have worked hard for it, an undergraduate degree is so common it’s become the norm. Forget should I go to college? You need to go the extra mile and get a Master’s degree when wondering should I go to grad school? It opens the door to so many more possibilities that you’ll have no problem finding employment after you graduate. Everyone is talking about the problem of so many unemployed college graduates, but there aren’t many graduate school graduates that don’t have a job, even in tough times. Should I go to grad school is an easy choice for anyone with a bachelor’s degree.

Extra bonus: You can get grad school grants and get your advanced education free.

Should I Go to Grad School: The Cons

If you don’t know what you want to study in grad school you shouldn’t go. Just like with your undergrad, you can spend a lot of time and rack up a lot of debt if you don’t have a clear idea of what you want to do. If you are thinking of going just to make more money than you do now, you might want to reconsider. There’s no guarantee that the extra work, time, and money you’ll spend will result in a good return on your investment.
should i go to grad school
A graduate degree is no magic wand that will force you into making the big bucks, so should I go to grad school is no guaranteed decision. You still need to have the drive and determination to beat out others with the same credentials. Unless your graduate studies entail a trip to medical, law, or business school, you will probably be making yourself nearly unemployable, specialized to the point of only being able to do research and other non-glamorous careers. Should I go to grad school should not be decision made lightly.

What’s your conclusion?

Don’t let anyone tell you whether or not it’s a good idea to go to grad school. You have to search yourself and ask if you have it in you to study hard for years and face the same uncertain job pool once you get out. If you have the grit and the will power it may be a good idea but only you can provide the answer for should I go to grad school?

If you’re debating should I go to grad school you can add any questions below, and one of our staff or another visitor to this page will be able to answer it right away. If you’ve already gone to graduate school and have made it through please provide some assistance to others, or just sound off on your experience.

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