Should I Go to Law School?

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The question of should I go to law school is a tricky one. On one side you have a history of lawyers making good money and living the good life. On the other side we have a current economy and society that’s overstuffed with qualified attorneys that are either unemployed or underemployed. Obviously, it’s beyond the scope of any one webpage to be able to guide you on your path toward a successful legal career, but at this fork in your road you want to consider all sides before proceeding with the should I go to law school question.

Should I Go to Law School: The Nature of the Question

The doubt that you are having that is leading you to ask the question should I go to law school is the same kind of doubt that will keep you from becoming a successful lawyer. You need to have a strong conviction that a) you’ll make a great lawyer b) you’ll be able to score top marks at law school c) you’ll be able to compete with your peers to secure a good job, d) you have the wherewithal to suffer through many years of brutal 60+ hour weeks. If you have a hang up with either of these, or you can’t solve the problems in an LSAT practice book, you might want to consider a different life strategy. There are plenty of other ways to make lawyer-caliber money without being a lawyer, so keep debating on should I go to law school or not.

Should I Go to Law School: Pros and Cons

The best case scenario in the world of lawyers is to start your own firm or become partner at an established firm. Each one is equally challenging because it involves competing with the best in breed lawyers in each city. They will have gone to the best schools, scored highest in their class, and had tried many successful cases in a distinguished career. It will take years and years for you to get to the level of being able to branch out on your own, or score a place among partners in a successful law firm. Should i go to law school? Only if you think you can hang with the best.
should i go to law school
The worst case scenario is that you graduate with just passing grades from a mediocre law school and join the thousands and thousands of wishful law school grads as they bombard law firms with their applications. It’s not the worst job pool to be in, some people are back at should I go to college at all, and at least you’ll have a bankable skill for the rest of your life. If you start a business you’ll be able to understand all of the legalese involved. If you come up with your own intellectual property you’ll be able to protect it without the need of hiring an attorney. So wondering should I go to law school, it’s kind of a safe bet if you can make it through.

Should I go to law school? It’s up to you!

Law school is all about what you make of it, and ultimately no one else can tell you should I go to law school. If you go in and kick its butt it can serve you well for the rest of your life. If you have a tough time with it and just get by, it might be more cost than a benefit. Do more research if you’re still on the fence about should I go to law school.

If you’re wondering should I go to law school you can add any questions below, and one of our staff or another visitor to this page will be able to answer it right away. If you’ve already gone to law school and have made it through you can perhaps provide some assistance to others, or just sound off on your experience.

Our overall goal is to provide as much reliable information as we can on should I go to law school or not. Please let us know how we can improve this page, if you need more resources, or more features, we will do our best to provide everything you need right here in one place. We know that deciding should I go to law school can be stressful, and we’re here to help.

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