Should I Go to Med School?

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The decision of should I go to med school or not is not an easy one.  Becoming a doctor involves years and years of study, interning, residency, and countless hours of study.  You need to have a strong dedication to what you want, and it should probably be separate from a desire for money.  While doctors do make a good amount of money compared to other careers, it demands so much of your time, and costs so much in tuition and schooling, that an effective ROI is not easy to determine.  Let’s look at all of the aspects you’ll need to consider when deciding should I go to med school.

Should I Go to Med School: What are your reasons?

If you don’t have a strong “why” then you might lack the will to see it through to your goal of becoming a doctor, and should I go to med school is a no brainer.  If you have a solid desire to help people, and you want to make the world a better place one person at a time, you may be a good candidate for medical school.  If you are doing it for the money, or for the prestige that comes with being a doctor, you may want to look at other opportunities that will deliver the same results in less time and with less struggle.

While it is true that there is a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, what’s not made expressly clear is that the rainbow is a long and grueling path after making the decision on should I go to med school, spent competing with others just like yourself that want exactly what you want and are prepared to get it.  If competition scares you, you should look for a career that’s a little less competitive.  If you’re the type that just can’t stand to lose, you may have the right personality type to deal with the pressure of being on top. Should I go to med school becomes a pretty easy decision if you lack that competitive gene.

should i go to med school

Should I Go to Med School: Do you have the passion?

If you have the passion to take on the day-to-day grind of being a doctor, to deal with HMO’s and threats of malpractice suits, to stomach a mountain of student loan debt, to live like a pauper as an intern and resident, to handle 80 hour work weeks and never-ending shifts, then you might be one of the few that should answer yes on the should I go to med school question.

In addition to the passion you also need brains and ability.  They aren’t going to let a passionate person near a patient if they don’t know what they’re doing, or if they can’t retain information accurately.  Ask yourself if you have what it takes in the smarts department when considering should I go to med school.  Be honest with yourself because it’s no use getting all the way to med school only to find out that you couldn’t hack it and have to drop out.  Studying for the MCAT will be a good indicator and will give you a strong leaning on the case of should I go to med school.  If you feel comfortable with the questions in the study guides, you’ll probably do fine at medical school and become a great doctor if you simply focus and do what you need to do. Should I go to med school is an easy question when you have the right mix of brains and ambition.

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