Should I Go to University?

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Few questions in life carry as much weight as should I go to university. Similar questions that are of the same caliber are should I start a family, should I buy a house, and should I buy a car. In all of these scenarios, if you make a bad decision, you’ll be paying for the consequences for several years, and you might not recover. The car and house purchasing analogy is perhaps most apt, because there currently aren’t loans you can take out to have a baby. And perhaps even most similar is the buying a house example. Here you’re able to finance thousands and thousands of dollars over a span of many years, just like a college education. That’s why it’s wise of you to debate the should I go to university question. There’s a lot riding on it.

Should I Go to University? Isn’t this an easy question?

You’d think it would be, but it isn’t. There’s no right answer for each person because college isn’t a magic bullet. If you don’t do well at university and you don’t apply what you’ve learned or get a degree that’s in demand, then the entire experience could spell your misfortune for years to come and you’d be better off not going. Here’s the other side of the should I go to university coin: If you do well at college and you get a degree in a field that’s in demand and you’re able to also do well in the interview process and secure a job that pays for all of your living expenses and leaves enough over for your student loans, then yes, it’s the right idea.

You should know by now which type of person you are, or which you aspire to be. It doesn’t matter if you did well in high school or not. Top high school students still struggle or get burned out by going to college, and those that did a mediocre job in high school get a fire under themselves and excel in college. Again, it’s largely a personal choice with should I go to university, because only you know how well you’re going to do and how hard you’re going to try.

should I go to university

In my years as an admissions counselor I saw many people struggle with the decision of should I go to university. Some of them made the wrong choice and struggled their way though or dropped out. Or they made the wrong choice and had to start at a later age, and behind all of their peers. If you’re just graduating high school there really isn’t any sort of urgency to rush the decision along. Even though your friends and family, and even you yourself might be putting pressure on you to make a choice, you don’t have to. If you’re near the age of 17 or 18 that’s a very young age to make such a big decision.

Even though you think you’ll miss out on something by not starting your freshmen year of college right after your senior year of high school, you must understand that it’s really not crucial to do everything back to back. Here’s a should I go to university tip: Go out and get a dose of the real world for a year or two. Either one of two things will happen. Either you’ll find out that you can thrive in the real world without the need for a college education, or you’ll see that you don’t like what your options are and want to expand them by broadening your education or narrowing your knowledge to a specific field.

Sometimes we have to experience life for awhile before we develop a passion or find out what our passion is. Once you do that, you will have a strong desire to go to college, and should I go to university will be a choice you don’t have to ponder any longer. You’ll know what you want to do and you’ll have a strong desire to get it done. Until then, don’t stress out too much about making the choice, and realize that it’s not a race. Everyone gets to where they want to be on their own time.

This article is an exclusive by guest writer Richard Thompson, who spent 32 years as an admissions counselor for Virginia Commonwealth University.

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