Should I Skip College?

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For some high school students the decision to skip college is the best one they can make. If you are in the bottom one fourth of your graduating high school class, there’s a good chance you won’t even make it out of college with a degree. And those that do will have a tough time competing with the other college grads who’ve excelled their entire academic career. If you’re wondering whether you should skip college, consider the following points:

Even though the New York Times article calls the choice to skip college Plan B, it should really be Plan A for some students. College isn’t for everyone, and definitely isn’t the guaranteed investment it was in days past. The global economy lets companies hire on a global scale, and many businesses look to outsourcing and geo-arbitrage to find the most qualified employees for the cheapest cost. What this means is that unless you’ve decided to go to university and know that you will be the best of the best in your chosen field, it’s better to skip college, buckle down and start to take control of your life right out of high school.

Skip College: Plan A

By planning in advance to skip college, you get to take the bull by the horns. For you, it’s no consolation prize, you’re after the lion’s share of the earnings. You don’t want to feed off the table scraps that an employer decides you’re worth. You’re going to learn what you need to learn on your own, and figure out what it takes to create a successful business from the ground up. This is something that can’t be captured in a textbook or transmitted through a lecture, so why waste your time and money. Skip college, get a jump start on all of your peers and in four year’s time you won’t have to bother with a resume and a job hunt, begging employers to hire you. You’ll be the one doing the hiring.

When you skip college you also skip the monstrous headache of wondering how to pay for it. You also won’t be burned by crippling student loan debt which hinders most college graduates chances of success. If you manage your money correctly, in four year’s time you could have a giant chunk of cash working for you in an IRA and be well ahead of the retirement game that any newly graduated college student.

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Hmmm, should I skip college?

In an unstable economy those that are best able to survive are those that have learned to earn money from their direct efforts. When you skip college you cut out the middleman – an employer. No matter if the economy is booming or busting, you’ll feel secure knowing that you took the time to teach yourself how to make money when you need it, at your whim. You won’t leave your destiny in the hands of others and defer the responsibility of your life to them. You’ll take charge of your own fate and steer your own ship, confident in your abilities and sure of your future. That’s something that a college education will never provide, and is something only you can instill in yourself. What better reason to skip college do you need?

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