What is a College Education?

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You may find yourself questioning exactly what is a college education and what does it entail. You may have a vague understanding of how it works but there is plenty to learn about higher education, and starting with a strong foundation is always a good idea. Many people have their own idea about what is a college education. These ideas are probably riddled with their own personal opinions, experiences, successes, and failures. There’s also society’s view on what is a college education, as well as a historical view. Which of these will benefit you the most is something you’ll have to determine on your own. For now we leave you with out take on the matter.

What is a College Education – A Brief History

Asking what is a college education is not easy. Most people just take it for granted as that thing you do after high school. But for many thousands of years there weren’t things called college or universities and people seemed to do fine without them. A while back people decided that high school wasn’t enough education for the smartest of the smart. So they built campuses with big buildings and libraries and sent the brightest and most ambitious to these places so that they could explore their passions and better the world as a whole. They believed that these scholars would then be able to bring a higher level of education to the masses by way of a trickle-down effect.

But if we stopped there on our talk of what is a college education it wouldn’t do it justice. This is because the industrial Age came along and put its stamp on what is a college education. When men came along that didn’t want to work in the factories they decided to go to college. Once they graduated they were given management positions to watch over the workmen that only had a high school education, if that. So if you were a brute, or just didn’t have the smarts to go to university, you slaved away in a factory working for the suits that went to college.

This lasted right through the 80’s and changed from factories to offices. Now everyone was going to college and the ones with best grades became managers and the ones with the low scores become cubicle-fillers. This lasted through to the Information Age and the dot-com bubble. Then all of these stories came out that multi-millionaire CEO’s didn’t graduate from college, and some of them didn’t go at all. The power of the Internet made it so anyone with the smarts and ambition it takes to go to college could just start a business and bypass the entire process.

what is a college education

Which brings us to today, where the real question is what is a college education today, and is it necessary? Today, many colleges seem high school continued, full of students that are too scared to enter the workforce with their current skill set, and willing to pay thousands and thousands of dollars to learn arbitrary facts that won’t prepare them for the future. In addition a college education seems to entail getting mindlessly drunk on a regular basis, being promiscuous, and cheering for a lot of different sports. These things weren’t always included in what makes up a college education, and do nothing but destroy any remaining point of going.

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