Why Go to College?

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Many would-be students are looking at the current state of affairs, shrugging and asking “Why go to college?”. It doesn’t take too many stories of college graduates standing in unemployment lines, or working at Wal-Mart before one stops to consider this question in detail. College used to be something that if you did, you were set. Now, it’s not the case and chances are if you don’t do well at college you’ll be in worse shape then when you started. So why go to college at all?

Why Go to College? You don’t want it bad enough.

If you are on the fence about going to college, you probably won’t do as well as other, more-focused students. You’ll be competing with students that know what they want to major in, with students that are going to college with a purpose and a goal to reach. If you are going just to go you’ll end up getting the B while these other students get the A. Why go to college if you’re not enthusiastic about and watch others run circles around you. You’ll still be paying the same amount in tuition for something you’re only lukewarm about. Life is too short to spend 4 years of it in a place that doesn’t cause sparks inside you.

Why Go to College? Say No to Debt

If you don’t go to college you won’t incur the massive amount of debt. For the same amount of debt you could go get a mortgage for a house and have a tangible piece of property to show for it. When you go to college all you’ll get is a fancy certificate that says you spent some money and time at a place. Even with the housing market the way it is, a house is still a more solid investment so why go to college? Especially if you spend four years fixing up the house whenever you have some extra cash.

Why Go to College? Start earning now!

If you don’t go to college you get to start making money now. Get two lousy jobs and work your butt off for four years without looking up. Invest that money wisely and by the time four years is up you’ll be much further ahead of the game than if you went. College students just defer their entrance into the workforce by 4 years because they’re too scared to get a job, or they feel they don’t know enough, so why go to college? Become an apprentice in a skilled trade. Work the crappy jobs that no one else wants to do, and four years later you’ll be the expert at it and you’ll be able to branch out in your own business.
why go to college

Why Go to College? It’s a lot of getting wasted and wasting time.

Ironically some of the top schools in the nation are also on the top party schools list. Why pay tens of thousands of dollars to do keg stands and sleep in? Why suffer through four years of eating cold pizza and living like a pauper? There are far more productive things you could be doing, so why go to college? You don’t need to spend all of that money in order to learn and to appreciate the arts. Like Will said in Good Will Hunting you can get the same caliber education with a few late fees from the public library.

Why Go to College? The Best Don’t

College is a great place to figure out what you want to do with your life but so is your house, so why go to college? Many of the world’s most successful people either didn’t go to college or dropped out. If you want to learn to work for other people you can go to college. If you’d rather have people work for you then you can start a business today. They’ll never teach you how to start a business or manage people at some four year liberal arts college. You have to go to business school, and even then you have to take classes on entrepreneurship. You can cut out the middleman and just start doing it in the real world instead of talking about it in a classroom and listening to a professor who obviously couldn’t cut it as a business owner.

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