Why to Go to College

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It seems silly but some people need to be reminded why to go to college. 30 years ago the question wouldn’t enter the lexicon because it would be too absurd. These days you’ll see a lot of naysayers say that college isn’t what it used to be and isn’t a good idea anymore. This is pure rubbish because the same reasons that were valid back then, are still valid today, along with some new ones. Let’s see the updated reasons why to go to college:

Why to Go to College: The Money

Going to college still earns you lots more on average than someone who doesn’t. Even when it’s all said and done and the loans are paid off, you’ll still be ahead of the game. For your entire life you’ll be more marketable to employers than someone that doesn’t have their degree.

Why to go to college: More Opportunities

You’ll always have the option to go back and get more schooling if you find that your undergrad degree isn’t cutting it. If you don’t go to college and find out it isn’t working, you’ll be that much more behind those that did go to college.

Why to go to college: Networking

You’ll probably make friends for life when you go to college. These will be smart, educated people that you’ll have in your life and could come in handy. They might turn out to be future co-workers, or future employees. They could even turn out to be your future boss at a job you love. You could start up a business with these friends, and do some amazing things. It’s all possible because college provides the setting for great minds to interact.

Why to go to college: You Need It

Try explaining to Fortune 500 companies why you don’t have your college degree. Do you think Google or Facebook want to hire people that didn’t go to college? Sure, if you’re a brainiac you’ll be able to impress them, but if you weren’t writing computer programs at age 11 they won’t want to talk to you without proof of smarts, like the kind you get by acing college. It’s kind of like an admission ticket to even be considered by the best companies in the world. If you have a chance to get that ticket, why pass it up?

why to go to college

Why to go to college: You’ll Love It!

College is the best time of your life. The sports, the parties, the food, the fun! It’s about working hard during the week and having fun on the weekends. It’s about trying new things and establishing your independence. It’s everything you make it, and it can be the best time you’ve ever had. If you didn’t have a good time in high school, college is your chance to make up for it. The memories you make while at university will stay with you and are probably the best reason on why to go to college. All of your coursework and things you study will eventually be forgotten, but you’ll be able to hang on to the fun times for life.

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